InnoBridge is a nonprofit organisation that helps incumbents and startups interact seamlessly. We help incumbents find innovative and agile solutions to their problems as well as giving startups the support and clarity needed to work with larger companies.

Incumbents and startups in the tech ecosystem can benefit enormously from collaboration but there are many obstacles. Incumbents are large entities tied to legacy systems that can struggle to meet modern customer requirements. Startups are agile and energetic but find the way that incumbents operate to be inaccessible and unclear. InnoBridge clears the obstacles by clarifying the needs of incumbents and matching them to startups that can deliver creative and innovative solutions.

InnoBridge started In 2018 when Jacob Stauss, Michal Gromek and Richard Rosenholtz met and decided to fill a void that existed in the Fintech, Insurtech and Regtech ecosystems. Representing investing, banking and, business, the founding team wanted to create a bridging platform that equally and transparently represented incumbents and startups.

At InnoBridge, we aim to generate new knowledge in the tech ecosystem by promoting meaningful collaboration, but also by supporting scientific research in areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and natural language processing. This is in order to contribute to new, improved, innovative, and socially beneficial solutions within different areas including banking, finance, insurance, regulatory compliance, law, and environmental care.




Henrik Allert

Board Advisor

With 20 years of experience in the IT, FinTech/InsurTech and Supply Chain Management industry, he has a broad and holistic understanding of business operations including business strategy, business development, product marketing and product development.

Anna Blyablina

Board Advisor

Anna is an enthusiastic and passionate Ecosystem builder and business developer within the European Fintech ecosystem. She is passionate about partnerships, collaboration and how bringing together different parties can create more value in business as well as society. As part of a dynamic and vibrant industry, she unites the Fintech community and connects key players on a national and international level (Fintech startups, Financial Institutions, Investors, Regulators, Educational Institutions, Financial Services). Being engaged in Fintech, she worked with several key initiatives such as FinExtra, VISA, Nordea, NFT Ventures, Financial Supervisory Authority, TheFactory Fintech accelerator and also created Sthlm Fintech Week.

Tabitha Cooper

Board Advisor

18 Years’ experience in Financial Services (Banks & Fintech Strategy, Innovation, future trends, culture)

Nedim Efendic

Board Advisor

Nedim is the founder of Observatory Partners AB, a consulting company specialising in helping startups grow around the world. He has over 15 years of experience working with business development, process improvement, and financial modelling. He has advised a wide range of clients, from helping entrepreneurs validate their business ideas to helping governments implement private sector development initiatives. Prior to launching his own business, he worked in investment banking and corporate finance. Nedim has also run accelerator programs and worked as CFO for a leading fintech startup. He earned his doctorate from Stockholm School of Economics, where he taught and conducted research on entrepreneurship.

Sergej Fedorovič

Board Advisor

Sergej has been an enterprise architect in the banking sector for over five years. Before that, he worked in telecoms as a solution designer and architect for over 10 years giving him over 15 years experience designing customised solution to high-tech problems. Sergej has also extensive experience as a market analyst and coupled with his tech background this makes him a valuable asset in the Fintech ecosystem. While he is relatively new to the startup catalyst space, his combined 40+ years as a software technology guru will certainly bring disruptive ideas. He has worked with many international companies including Amdocs, British Telecom, Enel, Veon, Rostelecom, LUX Gsm, Sunrise Communications, and BNP Paribas.

Gabriele Garavini

Board Advisor

Gabriele is an innovation manager and business executive. He advises businesses on design, launching, and scaling to have a positive global impact. Gabriele has a lot of experience in business development from advising lean startups to growing large businesses and managing products. He has also acted as a coach for many startups who needed strategic advice from his extensive repertoire of expertise. He has worked at large companies such as Ericsson, Telia, GreenlightPM, as well as several early-stage startups.

Sandra Golbreich

Board Advisor

CEO of Baltic SandBox

Jerry Huang

Board Advisor

Director at China Life Private Equity Investment Company Limited

Karola Xenia Kassai

Board Advisor

Karola has over 10 years experience innovation & tech attorney-at-law, business consultant and startup mentor. She founded the pioneering virtual law firm KassaiLaw working with startups in more than 7 EU countries. She previously worked at French, American and Austrian international law firms advising startups and corporations in fintech, smart city, proptech, sharing economy, AI & drones. Karola has also taught entrepreneurship at LNU in Kalmar as well as engaging with NGO’s to spread entrepreneurship to youngsters. She has a broad experience of mentoring startups at hackathons, accelerators and competitions as well as experience in a corporate matchmaking programme organised by the Global Startup Awards.

Patrice Letourneau

Board Advisor

Patrice is an expert, lecturer, and entrepreneur in digital transformation and Fintech. He has over 10 years of experience with sales, management consulting and leadership coaching. He is passionate about addressing new challenges in technologies and innovative business practices. Over the years, he has helped startups and global organizations tackle and create value from digital technologies. Currently living in Stockholm, Patrice works with the Fintech industry at Amazon Web Services (AWS), managing some of the most strategic Fintech AWS customers as well as developing the strategy for Fintech across the Nordics & Baltic region. Patrice taught Digital Transformation and Talent Management at a Business School in Montreal for several years.

Ben Libberton

Board Advisor

Ben coordinates the public communication of InnoBridge. He is a strong communicator with experience making technical information more engaging and accessible. During his time in various communication roles, Ben worked on campaigns targeted towards many different stakeholder groups from the general public, to politicians and the business community. Ben has a strong background in science and data. He has a PhD from Liverpool University in England. This experience gives him a keen eye for the analytical details of communication campaigns. He moved into fintech over a year ago when he became an advisor to Fintech Partner and Finmate.

Hans Lindroth

Board Advisor

Hans is the CEO of Lingfield AB and is also heavily engaged in Carpe Vitam Internationals charitable projects. He has extensive experience in early-stage investing, financing, M&A, and asset management. He started his career in operational management at the Bonnier Group. For the past 20 years, he has been CEO of Lingfield AB, advising on the holdings of the Peder Wallenberg Charitable Trust. Hans has served as a non-exec director of 40+ companies on a global basis and has a very strong global network within the startup and finance communities.

Peter Popovics

Board Advisor

Peter is a consultant and researcher in innovation management strategies, with particular interest in transforming failed innovation initiatives into success stories, which is the topic of his ongoing Ph.D. at the Stockholm School of Economics. He is enthusiastic about the development of Nordic fintech and is the co-author of “The next wave of Fintech (2017)”. Peter is an advisor to several tech startups and mature firms on expansion and growth strategy in Asian markets, especially Japan where he studied and worked for 10 years. Before arriving in Stockholm, he worked for 10+ years in the technology sector in business development and operations management at a German multinational technical service provider and an R&D 100 award-winning biotech company.

Max Postnikov

Board Advisor

Max is a tech entrepreneur, angel investor and a co-founder of EU startup accelerator Baltic Sandbox. Since 1999 Max has launched several successful tech companies in the areas of online-recruitment, mobile gaming, big data & AI. In 2017 one of his companies was acquired by a big European media company for a few million USD. Max also headed social networks at Mail.Ru Group, one of the largest internet companies in Eastern Europe. For the past seven years, Max has helped Moscow business schools as a teacher and a business trainer as well as collaborating with tech accelerators across Europe.

Maiko Schaffrath

Board Advisor

Maiko believes that technology & entrepreneurship play a massive role in solving the world's biggest problems. He is a co-founder of RealChangers, a platform matching mission-driven talent to companies solving the most pressing global challenges. In 2017 he started Impact Founders, a community of impact-driven entrepreneurs and regularly feature some of the most exciting founders on his Podcast, Impact Hustlers. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, he ran the London Programme of startup accelerator Wayra. He previously worked as a project manager for Telefonica in Munich & Düsseldorf and worked for the German Federal Foreign Office in South Africa.

Frank Schuil

Board Advisor

Frank is a cryptocurrencies expert with over 12 years of experience running startups, six of which are regulated brokerages in cryptocurrencies markets. He has taken part in many business accelerator programs, both as a participant and an advisor, as well as being an advisor and investor in several cryptocurrency businesses. Frank has a broad experience raising funding through angels, VCs and crowdfunding which ultimately lead to two of his companies being acquired. Frank is also an active participant in regulatory discussions and has informed policy changes.

Patrik Severgårdh

Board Advisor

Patrik is a serial entrepreneur and expert in sales and marketing. He is an experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. He was a lead in the Google Marketing Innovation Program as well as being highly skilled in strategic marketing consultancy, strategic brand consulting, business models, and branding. Patrik si the founder and former CMO of Kontanten, which is the largest provider of independent ATMs in the Nordics. He was also the CEO of PDF Brasserie Group, one of the largest restaurant chains in Sweden with 650 employees. Patrik is also the founder of the social venture Trade for Aid.

Fernanda Torre

Board Advisor

Fernanda Torre is a Visiting Teacher at the Stockholm School of Economics where she lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the MBA program. She is a founding member of the Speculative Futures Chapter in Stockholm, teaches Trendspotting and Future Thinking at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and is an Industry Leader for Design at Hyper Island. Currently Torre is part of the Vinnova funded project, a board member at Innovationsledarna and a Swedish Expert in the ISO standard on Innovation Management. She has an MBA from SSE, awarded with the President’s List for outstanding academic achievement and an MFA in Experience Design from Konstfack.

Lan-Ling Wolff Fredell

Board Advisor

Lan-Ling brings a diverse skill set and breadth to help financial institutions tackle strategy, innovation and transformation. Before Lan-Ling was Head of Operations for the Stockholm Fintech Hub where she helped fintechs with strategy, partnerships, and regulatory issues. Lan-Ling was an investor and advisor to a European mobile payments company, where she dealt with regulatory issues, product and marketing. She was on the founding team of the first pan-European internet mortgage lender, dealing with financing, regulatory, underwriting, and product development. Lan-Ling started her career in structured finance, helping companies, banks, governments to raise debt capital.


We continuously search for Partners willing to drive the Call To Innovation or get involved at various stages of our organisation.