Startups have big ideas that are set to change the Fintech, Insurtech and Regtech ecosystems. A major frustration in realising these ideas is that potential incumbent partners are not able to use them as their integration processes are not clear.

At InnoBridge, we use our network and expertise to make the process crystal clear for startups. This makes working with incumbents easy so that startups can innovate with a clear end goal in mind and have their ideas heard.

We have assembled a large team that understands both the startup and incumbent world. We start the whole process by talking to incumbents to uncover where they are in need of innovation. We explore the problem deeply and produce a description that clearly outlines what is needed in terms that are clear and easily actionable. Once the description is approved, we publish a Call for Innovation. This is where the startups come in. We publish and market the call so that any startup can see it and submit a proposal. Anyone is welcome to do this. Once the proposal is submitted our team of experts will select a winner and that startup will enter into our accelerator programme to produce a finished product for our incumbent partner.



We are always on the look out for Partners willing to drive the Innocalls or get involved at various levels of our organisation.