Incumbents face large challenges that require innovation but struggle to change due to organisational size and legacy systems. The infrastructures that give incumbents, size, stability and global reach are often the same infrastructures that are resistant to change and innovation. Lean startups are perfectly positions to address these challenges but few can as they don’t have access to the institutional knowledge needed for effective integration of solutions.

At InnoBridge, we use our network and expertise to connect incumbents to startups with the right skills and technology using our unique workflow. The journey for big players with problems to solve starts with a conversation. A member of our expert team will begin an exploration process to understand and uncover your needs. Once we’ve done this, and produced a description of the innovation challenge, we will know whether we can solve your problem through one of our Calls for Innovation.

During this process we take care of getting proposals from qualified startups as well as assessing them and helping to develop a workable product for your business by putting the startups through our accelerator programme. Once the product is finished, we oversee the seamless integration into your current systems.



We are always on the look out for Partners willing to drive the Innocalls or get involved at various levels of our organisation.