At Innobridge we facilitate building bridges of innovation between incumbents and startups. Big players in the tech fields see that the world is changing but have trouble implementing new solutions due to large infrastructures and legacy systems. Startups are by definition hungry for change but they cannot innovate around the problems of bigger players as their systems are “black boxes”.

This is where Innobridge comes in. We match the problems of established players with the agility and momentum of startups. We have assembled a large and diverse team ready to meet the challenges of incumbents and startups alike.

Our main vehicle for matching incumbents and startups are the calls for innovation or “Innocalls”. We work closely with big players to define their needs such that they can be issued as an Innocall. We then distribute and market the call throughout our network to get qualified proposals from the best startups.

Whether you’re an incumbent frustrated by slow progress or a startup frustrated that you can’t get through to incumbents, Innobridge has you covered.

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